• Each school or league we partner with will receive programs free of charge that they can give to athletes or sell to generate money for their athletic department.
    • Prefer not to have programs? We'd be happy to sponsor your team with any of your fundraisers, t-shirt sponsorships, etc. Just let us know! 
  • Athletic directors receive an 8x10 of each HS Varsity team photo each season
  • Each head coach will receive a 5x7 of the team photo
  • Any assistant coaches in the team picture will receive a 4x7
  • We will photograph at least one game from each team we take photos for. These photos will be used in the program and placed online.
  • We attend each senior night game we have on our schedule. Just give us a call and let us know when your Sr. night is and we'll be there!

How it works (to Coaches)

  1. We deliver envelopes to the schools/leagues prior to your first coaches meeting. Those envelopes are counted out based on last year's team count and handed to coaches at this time. Hand these out to your athletes about 1 week before your scheduled shoot (this process is part of our partnerships with the schools and we appreciate all your work handing these out!)
  2. Call or email to schedule your shoot. Most teams prefer to schedule before or at the beginning of practice. A team of about 20 athletes takes about 45 minutes.
  3. We will process the photos and place them online within 5 business days. Parents can access all these images and order as well
  4. Pictures will be delivered to the athletic office to your attention approx. 2 weeks after the pictures have been taken.
  5. We will also come to at least one game to take action shots and upload them online for parents to view/purchase and to put in the programs that are delivered free of charge to the schools.

Team Specific Programs

After the positive response of our school programs, we now offer individual team programs! While these aren't free of charge, they're geared toward teams that sell pages of ads to cover the cost of the printing and raise money for the team at the same time. You'll only pay for the pages that you ad beyond the pages that we traditionally put in the school programs (team photos, senior photos, action shots, and schedules). If you're interested in these, please contact us below and we'll get back to you to discuss the different options and pricing structure.

We handle all the design and setup, you just send your ads and/or desired content, and we'll put it together! Enjoy designing? You can put it together if you'd like and just send us the final files to add our professional photos, and we'll be just as happy!

Some of the teams that took advantage of this opportunity are:

Lebanon Friendship Cedars Program  Falcon Youth Football and Cheer    ELCO Volleyball ProgramPalmyra Baseball Program

Questions? Give Us A Call!